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We want to give access to information in an unmatched experience. You might have noticed the lack of ads on our website, and there is a reason for it – we want to keep it this way and through your love and support, we can!

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Still not convinced? Then let’s have a heart to heart

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to realize how life behind a digital screen is the current reality we live in. 

Two screens of two different people communicating through a universal language. 

Certainly, technology has shaped the life we lead today. But have you ever wondered how everyone uses technology? 

We at SK NEXUS believe in problem-solving for everyone – realizing that despite its importance and applicability, very few understand what technology actually is.

From ordering food, calling an Uber, managing temperature in your room to driving an electric car to work – all is now powered by Technology.

We believe in making information about technology accessible to all by bringing out valuable content using our own experiences, energies and finances. 

We set a clear aim that unlike other content platforms we don’t want to rely on display ads or content that is not authentic in its delivery – we were tired of 100-word articles that had 100 ads on them with only the purpose of flooding people’s newsfeed. 

We don’t have profits in mind when starting a way for people to support us, but the sad reality is that infrastructure cost is a big undertaking.

Hence we’re reaching out to you (our lovely listener or reader) to help us support our mission as well as help cover costs associated with having a website, a podcast, and a healthy content stream.

Help us help you in making information about technology accessible to the masses.  

Thank You

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