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If you’re wondering, whether tech can be fun? Why should you care as a Pakistani? Find out the answer! Tune in every week and listen to two fanatics explain, argue, learn, and discuss how tech continues to shape the world around us.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

12 – Put’in Tech In War

Show Notes

We cover why you should rethink what war is in this day and age, join us in the special episode of Tech Made Fun covering what you need to know about modern warfare.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

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00:00 Intro
01:20 Big companies like Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter ban state accounts for Russia
02:15 Musk activates Starlink for Ukraine internet needs while Apple, Nike and Google limit services in Russia
02:38 Swift payment protocol decides to delist Russia, ruble devalued almost 50%
04:42 CD Projekt Red decided to stop sales in Russia whereas EA will remove Russian teams from its games
05:45 Netflix will limit its access to Russian consumers and Spotify has removed its Russian based music and songs
06:24 Russian authorities attempt to ban Wikipedia
06:53 Crypto exchanges to ban Russian accounts
08:02 How wars in the future will be dependent on not just war tech but consumer tech
10:06 How will consumers be affected by new-aged wars
15:14 How not to depend on technology in emergency situations and how to protect your data
20:24 Ways to save and protect your online financial documentation
25:02 Importance of P2P network as an offline mode of communication and entertainment
27:45 Is there an offline mode of education for students in war-like conditions?
30:32 Can remote healthcare services help in emergency conditions like war?

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