Tech Made Fun (Podcast)

If you’re wondering, whether tech can be fun? Why should you care as a Pakistani? Find out the answer! Tune in every week and listen to two fanatics explain, argue, learn, and discuss how tech continues to shape the world around us.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

The Wandering Pro (Pro Advice)

95% of career advice can be thrown out of the window because it won’t provide you any actionable info as a Pakistani.

The Wandering Pro aims to help you in two ways

Mindset shift regarding taboo topics

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Actionable advice with the tools you need

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Previous Issues of The Wandering Pro


Are Robots Taking Over House Chores?

As time moves ahead I feel like we’re moving closer and closer to living the...
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What The Recent Facebook Outage Was About?

Frustration, anxiety, and restlessness are what most experienced as soon as the world realized that...
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Why Do You Need A Voice Assistant?

What is a Voice Assistant?  Why are they becoming more and more popular?  What utility...
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