Our Mission is to deliver tech content that is based on trust; giving access to many looking for access to credible sources and build engagement based on a shared love for technology.




We started this platform to share our love for tech and make people see that tech does not need to have complications in it. The everyday person should be free to see, learn, and enjoy everything tech.

Even though SK NEXUS comes under the banner of news and media sites, we are quite different. Our aim is not to be the first on the scene or be the ones motivated by money. Our focus is to make tech accessible, enjoyable and honest.

You will read so many articles online these days touting how tech is and whatnot, people writing these articles won’t be able to hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes about tech.

Tech is supposed to be something we all use and love, there needs to be no bipartisanism and what is better should be appreciated regardless. We live in a world where marketing has greyed out boundaries, people don’t know what to root for and the benefit of tech is often forgotten.

This initiative of starting a blogging platform coupled with social media posts about tech is our way of telling the world that tech should be fun. We hope to grow and with help from others can make this platform into something beyond currently plausible. That, however, can take decades if not years. Information is not something that is easy to get out in our region, but not trying is giving up.

So if you are tired of what tech media has become and happen to stumble upon our website or social media, it would mean a lot for you to support the project. Support by leaving feedback, by giving your suggestions, by leaving a like; support in ways that matter – support to share the passion for tech.

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