PTA Tax: Why Is It Bad For The Market & The Economy?

In recent times you must have come across the news of a PTA Mobile registration tax, but have you wondered or checked what's it actually about? Why was this introduced and what are the implications of such taxes on consumer technology? We cover all this and more in this blog post to enlighten you regarding what custom duties you need to pay if you're importing a mobile phone headset in the country and its impact on the economy.


The Premium Smartphones

Brands such as Samsung, Apple & OnePlus have trended towards having the next most premium smartphone; but what makes them expensive?

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Pocophone X3: Where Value Peaks

Xiaomi Pocophone X3 NFC is dominating the market with its raw numbers. Is the phone really your next best pick? Learn more by clicking here.

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Your Next 108MP Phone Camera

Exploring the different specifications introduced in latest smartphones, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of respective features.

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Samsung in Pakistan

Do you have the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the best of its kind? Learn why Samsung in Pakistan is different than the Samsung in ads.

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iPhone SE: The Safest Bet

Learn more about why the Apple iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best smartphones in its category in terms of reliability, performance & price.

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