New WhatsApp Features & Encryption

Learn more about new features and support for multi-device for WhatsApp. Will it still keep End to End Encryption?

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Xiaomi 200W Charger

Xiaomi has released a new 200W fast charger, learn more about why you shouldn't care about it.

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Right To Repair & Pakistan

Learn more about Right to Repair and what you should focus on when talking about this movement.

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Is Dogecoin Here To Stay?

Cryptocurrencies have definitely picked up traction in recent times and continue to be the hottest and controversial topic across the globe. Dogecoin has been a part of the sensation but what are the other two biggest cryptocurrencies? We’ll take a closer look at all these pointers as well as how they’re different from one another. But most of all attempt to solve the biggest question circulating nowadays: Is Dogecoin here to stay?

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Honda City 2021 Booking, Pricing, and Lies

Learn more about what is new in the latest Honda City 2021 released for Pakistan. We will cover why you should consider buying the car or maybe rethink the car industry. Find out more.

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The Era of TikTok, SnackVideo, Bigo Live

We all have witnessed the rise of popular apps such as Tiktok, Bigo live and Snack video in recent years, either through countless youtube ads or just simply the influx of their respective content on other social media platforms. But what do these apps offer to the users that make them so appealing for creators and viewers both? Let's take a look at some of the features, what each app offers and more interesting insights on all 3 apps.

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PTA Tax: Why Is It Bad For The Market & The Economy?

In recent times you must have come across the news of a PTA Mobile registration tax, but have you wondered or checked what's it actually about? Why was this introduced and what are the implications of such taxes on consumer technology? We cover all this and more in this blog post to enlighten you regarding what custom duties you need to pay if you're importing a mobile phone headset in the country and its impact on the economy.

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How Smart Cities are Transforming the Modern Lifestyle?

The 21st century continues to disrupt traditional industries and walks of life bringing more convenience and ease to the general public. Such innovation has also entered the realm of real estate globally - through the advent of Smart Cities that appeal to the needs of a modern lifestyle. From efficient transportation systems, waste disposals to features of smart security - Smart City has all that to offer and much more. In this blog post we cover what makes a smart city smart, what are some of the key features and examples of international like Dubai Oasis and local smart city projects like the Capital Smart City.

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Deep Dive Into A World Of Leading Consumer Laptops

Picking a laptop is tough. Which brand is better? What should the specifications entail? These are just some of the questions you're confronted with. But if you're looking for an all-rounder laptop, that's great for personal as well as professional use, you've come to the right place!

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The Premium Smartphones

Brands such as Samsung, Apple & OnePlus have trended towards having the next most premium smartphone; but what makes them expensive?

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